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SniperSpy Remote Spyware 

SniperSpy remote spyware silently logs all web sites, chat conversations, instant messages, keystrokes, applications and more in real time. See everything your child, employee or anyone does while they use your distant computer - remotely.
This software remotely installs to your computer through email.

About Red Eagle
$79.97 - 12 Month
$59.97 - 6 Month
  $39.97 - 3 Month
  PC Version
  MAC Edition
  Employee Monitoring
  Catching Cheaters
  Protecting Kids
  Protecting IP
  Law Enforcement
  Remote Install
  Realtime Viewer
  Chat IM Log
  Password Log
  Web Sites Logger
Secretly and Covertly Monitor and Record Any PC or MAC.
Without the need of Physical Access!

SniperSpy stands above the rest by offering an intuitive LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen before, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE surveillance and control on your remote PC from anywhere. You can view the remote screen like a television and perform other commands instantly. These commands use our server as an intermediary. You send the command to our server which instantly relays it to your remote computer.

SniperSpy Description

SniperSpy is what is known as a remotely-deployable spy software. This type of computer program records the activities of anyone who uses your remote PC. The software can be installed from any Internet location by sending an email attachment which contains a module. When the module is ran by the remote user, the software silently installs onto your remote PC. It then records an array of Internet activities, which you will be able to view in real time.

Realtime remote spy software solution.When you want to view results, simply login to the Online Control Panel and enter your username or password to proceed. The online control panel allows you to view or search results and uninstall the software.

 Module Creator
This is the program you will download after purchase to create your remote" module".

 Online Control Panel
This is where you will login to your account to see the remotely recorded results.

This high-tech spy software will allow you to see exactly what happens on your remote PC while you are away. Deployment is not a problem because the small (103kb) module file can be renamed to anything you want and dropped inside a Word, Wordpad, Works or Zip file. This makes the remote installation very easy and stealth.

What's included with SniperSpy

While there are countless other programs on the market, our software stands above the rest in terms of reliability and effectiveness. When you order you can rest assured knowing you are receiving a top-of-the-line software product and support. Here's what's included:

  • Instant Download - Download INSTANTLY after ordering! (CD-ROM Optional)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions - Detailed instructions to guide you along every step of the way.
  • Customized Username - Unlike others, you'll create your own username and password!
  • Lifetime Tech Support - Should you need help we will provide unlimited online tech support.
  • Free Minor Updates - You will receive free minor updates to the software as they occur.
  • The Truth - You will finally learn the TRUTH about what happens on your remote PC!

We invite you to put SniperSpy to the test today. All orders are processed via Our servers are secured by Thawte and scanned daily by ScanAlert to ensure that your data remains completely safe and confidential. So what are you waiting for?

SniperSpy For Mac OS XNow Available
SniperSpy For Mac OS X

SniperSpy is the only software that allows you to secretly watch your Macintosh like a television! Login from ANYWHERE using another computer, smartphone or iPad.Click here For more information on SniperSpy for Mac OS X

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